Warrior Xenomorph
Hive warrior 2 brown
General Information
Homeworld Xenomorph Prime
Height 8-10 ft.
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient (later part of lifecycle)
Behind the Scenes
Universe AVP Universe

Hive Warrior from Kenner

Hive warriors are large brown or green Xenomorphs that appear in the Hive War series.


Hive warrior

Hive Warrior

Hive warriors are larger than their Warrior cousins. Unlike them however, they come in five colors: brown, black, blue and purple, as well as different shades of green. They're bulkier, seemingly taller, and much more resilient and stronger than their smaller cousins.


Going by its name as a Hive warrior, it could be said while normal warriors are the hive's main attack unit, they are more defenders than attackers, much like a Praetorian but perhaps not as efficient.

Like an Empress is an older version of a Xenomorph Queen, they could be older and more experienced versions of a normal warrior.

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