Hive (Starborn)
General Information
Homeworld Selene
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stan Lee Universe

The Hive are an alien species and members of the Civilization in the Stan Lee Universe.


The Hive are mineralized humanoids, that share a single mind, a gestalt consciousness. They are able to infect and assimilate other species into their collective.


The Hive were originally human colonists from Selene, until the strange properties of the moon's blue sands caused mutations in their brains.

The Human Civilization could not allow the Hive to spread and launched a military suppression against Selene. The Hive like many races were subjugated by humanity.

At one time the Hive attempted to assassinate the Emperor's favorite concubine, however they were stopped by a member of the Crimson Hand.

However the Hive joined forces with the other minorities and successfully launched a coup. They reorganized the empire, placing humanity under their heel, and turning becoming members of the Ruling Council of the Civilization.

Appearances Edit

  • Starborn Issue 001 (2010)
  • Starborn Issue 002 (2011)
  • Starborn Issue 004 (2011)
  • Starborn Issue 009 (2011)
  • Starborn Issue 010 (2011)
  • Starborn Issue 012 (2011)
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