The Hissho are one of the playable factions in Endless Space. A warrior race, they value honorable conflict over peaceful cooperation.

Characteristics Edit

Living on a relatively low-gravity planet, this species that excelled in flight was able to grow larger brains and bodies than they might have on comparable worlds. They were discovered relatively late in their evolutionary process by the Concrete Endless and developed into a race of highly dangerous gladiators.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The evolution of the Hissho is not entirely clear. The Hissho themselves hold that they evolved from avian creatures, independently of a higher alien race. However, there are some vague indications that the Endless at the very least tampered with their evolutionary path for their own amusement.

For much of their history, the Hissho lived as tribal hunters. Their constant warfare slowed their technological progress and path to civilization, but eventually, they, like many other races across the galaxy, united and reached for the heavens.

When they encountered other races, their response was to seek conquest. Convinced of their innate superiority, the Hissho decided it was only their destiny.

Culture Edit

Over centuries their culture and society evolved into one that revolved solely around martial arts, honor, and war; as a result their history is one of bloodshed, conquest, and vengeance. While this has created a very hardy, aggressive, and dangerous people, it has also slowed their advancement and limited their numbers.

The Hissho are ruled by a monarch, but they are equally ruled by tradition. Protocol, ritual, and personal honor are closely intertwined, with a failure in one translating in failure to the others.

Sacrifice is an integral part of the social fabric, with a cultural emphasis on blood. [2] By purely human standards, the Hissho are not unlike Samurai.

War and combat are still vital aspects of their culture. Adults must prove themselves to have at least some level of fighting skill in order to be accepted into society.

The Hissho's innate nature is reflected in their empire's diplomatic relations (or lack thereof) with alien races. They see other species as inferior and are almost eager for war with others.

Despite the Hissho's relatively slow rate of technological advancement, their experience with battle and innate skills as aviators make their space navy a formidable foe.

Hissho believe all non-avians to be inferior, however the Hissho do hold a respect to the Endless. Though there does not exist any formal worship among the Hissho, the warrior race hold the ancient species in high-esteem as they were the first to fly among the stars when the universe was young.

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