Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height ~1.25 meters
(~chest height to a Human)
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

The Hiromi are bipedal, sapient, green insectoids indigenous to an unknown planet that ruled the Hiromi Empire. They possess yellow-tinted eyes, a pair of long antennae, and a tongue. As the Hiromi knew of the Jedi and the Force only through legends, it is likely that there were few, if any, Force-sensitives amongst them.

Quite to the amusement of others, despite their personal view as amongst the greatest warriors in the entire galaxy, one of their favorite activities was, in their words, "not getting beaten up". In fact, the Hiromi become very fearful when the possibility of being in danger is even brought up, and are quick to suggest alternatives to fighting - included in these ideas are bringing in reinforcements to fight in their stead, hiding, and simply going home (wherever home may actually be for them). Nevertheless, when they were truly needed the Hiromi would charge headlong into whatever task was required of them, despite being no less afraid than before.

Another of a Hiromi's most greatly-enjoyed activities was the act of cheering. Whenever they achieve any kind of victory, they will praise themselves and let out a cheer. To them, this is a crucial step in any activity. So crucial is it that Luke Skywalker sought to rally the Hiromi under his own cause, he appealed to their love of cheering by leading them in one. Finally, Hiromi have a great passion for food; their first task after "conquering" Zeltros was to have lunch, and they did nothing but praise the quality of the Zeltronian food and desserts.

Culture and society[]

Standing only 1.25 meters high (around chest height to an average Human) and a strong instinct towards self-preservation as well as a large aversion to absolutely anything that could bring them harm, they saw themselves as a glorious race of mighty warriors or glorious conquerors. This seemed more to do with them enjoying the work of conquest as opposed to the actual fighting during conflict. Other words they are known to describe themselves with include "ruthless" and "supreme". They also consider themselves utmost masters of interrogation, and back up such a boastful claim by making their subjects crack in a shockingly short time by relentlessly bombarding them with shouts of "Talk!"

Their government is known as the Hiromi Empire, which falls under the alignment of the Alliance of Free Planets.However they "secretly" dream of galactic conquest; to achieve their aims, shortly after the Battle of Endor they tried to incite a war between Lahsbane and the Ewoks to tear the Alliance apart, but this plot was easily foiled.They then tried to conquer the planet Zeltros, but were again foiled when the planet was later conquered by the Nagai, and in turn the Tofs.They gave up their dreams of conquest afterwards, choosing to instead help the Alliance and the Nagai fight the Tofs.

All Hiromi serving in their invasion forces are clad in a uniform of red berets and boots, with the exception of Captain Hookyr, who instead wears a red hat; it is assumed all Hiromi captains wear this hat instead of the typical beret worn by regular "soldiers". Their torsos were all covered with a ridged shell-like structure, though whether this was a part of their physiology or clothing or armor is unknown.

Notable members[]

  • First Officer Hirog
  • Captain Hookyr
  • Ensign Phoebe
  • Chief Navigator Tahkay