The hirogen are a species from the Star Trek universe, featured in Voyager.

Hirogen Hunter


Portrayed as a significant threat to the Voyager crew, the Hirogen are placed as an ancient and dominant species in the region, roaming vast distances in pursuit of worthy prey. While portrayed as an ancient race, their technology is not overly superior to that on Voyager. Stations purpoirtedly built by them long ago use quantum singularities for power, however, and it is hinted their society has been stagnating for thousands of years. They have managed to resist Borg attacks for many years, however, judging from their presence in the Delta Quadrant.


Similar to the aliens of the Predator species, the Hirogen are presented as a species driven by the hunt, who highly prize the unusual trophies taken from the carcasses of their prey. They are not described as having a home planet, and their society is apparently organized around spacefaring nomadic hunting packs or tribes, with a hierarchical structure in which an 'alpha' individual leads and a 'beta' and 'gamma' are respectively secondary and tertiary subordinates. Contact between tribes is maintained through an ancient communication network over vast distances. Before the hunt, the Hirogen ritualistically apply paint to their armor. Hirogen hunters are shown as being much taller than humans, usually over two metres in size with a muscular build evolved for combat, and are usually shown wearing armour, with masks for inhospitable environments.

Note that in one episode, a Hirogen claims to have tracked a creature through a neutron star. Plausibility aside, if their individual armour can achieve this, then it must be far more advanced than their weapons and ships.

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