The Hiitians are hulking, anthropomorphic avian sapients native to the moon Hiit, which orbits the gas giant Maal. Families of Hiitians live in clan aeries. They were first contacted by the Trianii Rangers, after which millions of Hiitians left their homeworld to seek their fortunes in the galaxy at large. The Hiitians trade with the Trianii and the Kobok of Kobothi Space, but their relations with the Corporate Sector are characterized by wary hostility after the Sector annexed Hiit in 5 BBY. The Nikto Jedi Master Ma'kis'shaalas had a Hiitian Padawan. Another notable Hiitian was the bounty hunter Kar Yang. He was hired by Black Sun to capture the Human Replica Droid Guri. Also, at least one pirate band of Hiitians known as the Hiitite Ravagers came into conflict with the Trianii but were beaten back by the Trianii Rangers.

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