Alien Species

The Hideauze are a molluscan race capable of dwelling through the void of space from Suisei no Garugantia.


The Hideauze are molluscan creatures, possessing an exoskeleton shells. Their overall appearances makes that appear similar to nautiluses. They are spaceborne creatures capable of dwelling in the vaccum of space.


Thousands of years ago Earth was facing a devastating second Ice Age. A group of scientist known as the Evolvers, put forth a plane to change humans into higher lifeforms, that would be able to adapt to zero-pressure and atmospheric conditions. They were philosophically opposed by Continental Union, who saw the genetic science of the Evolvers as abomination, leading to a war between the two factions. The Ice Age however halted the war between the factions, as both desperately tried to escape the planet. The Continental Union managed to create a gate to space, and intended to abandon their enemies leaving them on the frozen wasteland of Earth. The Evolvers had learned of this and managed to escape along with the Union through the gate, taking their war through space and into the future.

The Evolvers that remained behind on Earth, regressed into the aquatic whale-squids.