Hero Zero
Hero Zero is a superhero from the Dark Horse comics series, Comics' Greatest World. He also appeared outside it in his own limited number of comics - one of which pitted him against the Monster King, Godzilla, in a titanic battle in San Diego. Hero Zero has often been compared to both the Marvel superhero Iron Man and the Japanese superhero Ultraman.

Hero Zero's real identity was a 13 year old human boy called David McRae. David gained the power to become Hero Zero after he found a spherical 'space crystal', which was actually an alien computer system known as the Zero Intelligence (or 'Zero' for short).

The crystal embedded itself into David's chest (on the top of his breastbone). Upon doing so, the intelligence was able to telepathically communicate with David as well as change him into Hero Zero when the need arose. As Hero Zero, David could shrink or grow (from becoming the size of a cell to a staggering 92 meters), had super strength, could fly/swim at incredible speed and had the power of heat vision. As his normal self, David could 'retract' the crystal into his body to hide his alter ego's identity.


Backstory and original adventuresEdit

David with the 'Zero Intelligence' in his chest.

David with the 'Zero Intelligence' in his chest.

The 'Zero' entity was originally created by the alien scientist known as the Vortex - with it been one of the computers or possibly the main computer of the Vortex's base. In 1947, the entity was left on its own after the Vortex became trapped in a dimensional maelstrom. Through unknown means, the entity made contact with three people - one of which was a 13 year old boy called David McRae, who lived in Cinnabar in Nevada. After been found by David, the intelligence - in the form of a small crystal - somehow embedded itself in David's chest and formed a telepathic link with the young boy.

The two would have numerous adventures together - with David coming to see Zero as his best friend and taskmaster, even though he wished Zero would tell him more than just what he needed to know. Their first adventure was battling the Mesa Monster - a dragon-like creature made of a group of assembled demons - in the desert of Cinnabar Flats, while other adventures would soon follow for the pair.

These adventures included when David was on a desert joyride with his friends, only to have to transform into Hero Zero to save them from the monster known as Siphon - a life-absorbing monster. He also - when summoned by the Vortex
Hero Zero battles the Mesa Monster

Hero Zero battles the Mesa Monster.

for a short inspection - ending up having to save the alien scientist from a group of three Destroyers, with Hero Zero successfully defeating the trio and saving the Vortex.

At some point in the future, the Vortex sought to abandon his research that he had been conducting on Earth as well as destroying his machines that he had created - although this would mean the Zero Intelligence as well. Not wanting to lose his best friend, David transformed into Hero Zero and attempted to stop the Vortex. Although he wasn't successful, the Vortex was moved by David's devotion and so decided to let the Zero Intelligence survive - both for David and for the other two individuals (Motorhead and Mecha). Before leaving, the Vortex also left David several gems which appeared similar to the one embedded in his chest.

Battle with GodzillaEdit

After heading to the 1995 Comic Con in San Diego with his father and his friend Billy, David transformed into Hero Zero for a while - swimming aro
Godzilla vs. Hero Zero - Comic Cover.

Godzilla vs. Hero Zero - Comic Cover.

und in the ocean and mucking about in front of a naval ship (much to Zero's annoyance). While heading back, Hero Zero passed over what appeared to be a coral reef above the water - which Zero thought as strange but which David paid no heed to. Unbeknown to either of them at the time, the 'reef' was in fact the dorsal spines of the monster Godzilla, and the monster king had been disturbed by Hero Zero flying overhead. After destroying the naval vessel, Godzilla began to trail Hero Zero towards San Diego.

Although the military tried to stop Godzilla, they were unsuccessful and soon sent a warning to San Diego - with warning sirens ringing as Godzilla arrived. Wasting no time, David changed into Hero Zero and took on Godzilla - quickly learning how powerful the Monster King's atomic breath was as he was blasted at point blank range. Needless to say, Hero Zero fought on and was able to match Godzilla. During the battle, as the civilians were been evacuated on buses, Godzilla's tail swung and smashed a small building - sending a large chunk of concrete flying that hit one of the evacuation buses. Checking out the bus, David saw that his Dad and Billy were on-board (with Hero Zero revealing his identity to his father accidentally) but that his Dad had broken his arm and Billy had been killed by the falling rubble.
Hero Zero attacks Godzilla.

Hero Zero attacks Godzilla.

Enraged at the death of his friend, Hero Zero changed to full size and assaulted Godzilla mercilessly - avoiding his physical attacks and atomic breath - although he realized during his attack that the 'coral reef' he had seen earlier was Godzilla's dorsal fins, with David guiltily blaming himself for ultimately causing this chaos in the first place when he disturbed Godzilla in the ocean. Nonetheless, Hero Zero managed to bring Godzilla down, with David intending to rip out Godzilla's lungs. However, Zero stated that it wasn't possible to kill Godzilla and that all they could do was get him away from the civilians.

Giving David a power boost - like he had done previously during Hero Zero's battle with the Mesa Monster - Hero Zero then carried Godzilla out to sea; dropping the Monster King at a
Hero Zero carries Godzilla out to sea.

Hero Zero carries Godzilla out to sea.

destination far from human civilization. However, on the way back, Hero Zero ran out of power before David fell into the ocean - been knocked unconscious.

He later woke up in a hospital bed with his father beside him, who told David that the Navy had recovered him from the ocean. After telling David not to become Hero Zero anymore, David replied that - after what had happened in San Diego - he didn't want to be Hero Zero anymore anyway.


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