The Herglics were a race of huge, bipedal aliens with blue skin, these creatures evolved from ocean-dwelling mammals and still breath through blowholes on top of their heads. Native to the planet Giju, these humanoids were generally considered one of the earliest species to achieve space travel. The Herglics were among the founding members of the Old Republic, but their empire crumbled and the Herglics eventually retreated to Giju. Millennia later, Giju was overrun by the Empire, which took control of Herglic cities and manufacturing sites for their own use. The Herglics tried to fight back, but centuries of peaceful living failed to prepare them for the might of the Empire. Imperial forces slaughtered Herglics virtually at will, until the Herglics surrendered. The Herglic society was punctuated by great explorers and merchants, but they tend to become addicted to gambling quite easily. They were also self-conscious about their size and unusual physical characteristics. Due to the fact they originated from an ocean dwelling species, they were most likeley fully colourblind, for this reason screens were extremely difficult for them too use

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