Henry Clay Waters

Henry Clay Waters is one of the main protagonists in The Doorman. Henry is the Porter of Earth and the last member of the ancient order of Porters.

Background Edit

Henry Clay Waters was recruited into the interstellar order known as the Porters Union. He was charged in supervising the Door that was stationed in Time Squares on Earth. The Door allowed alien visitors to visit Earth in disguise, however the planet was not much a popular place to visit. Henry spent 45 years on the job, with only 5 years with alien tourists coming through. On the last day on the job, he planned to retire to the world of Mars Del La Vista, he was approached by a alien assassin sent to kill him from the Door. He was saved through the timely intervention of Detective Flower, of the Confederation of Systems Police.

He learned from Flower that multiple Doormen were being eliminated across CONSYST. He was forced to join her in her investigation to escape the human authorities that were alerted to the altercation. After coming across another Porter, Dave, that was killed, the duo learned of an emergency summons recalling all Porters back to the Union Temple on Synergos. While Flower believed it to be a lead, Waters was skeptical seeing that the recall could be a trap. Nonetheless Flower's optimism that the entirety of the Porters present would allow them to get to the bottom of the murders.

Carlisle Moongale was present before an audience with all surviving Porters and the High Porter Council, with a proposal to buy the Porters Union, and decommission the Doors in favor of luxury starliners. Waters taking a stand for the Union, stated that the Doors worked just fine, and demanded why his fellow Porters were even listening to him in the first place. It was there that Moongale agreed and ordered his men to slaughter the Porters in the chamber.

Flower and Waters managed to escape and immediately rushed to a Door transporting them to Flower's office at the CONSYST police. The brought the news to Flower's lieutenant. However it turned out that he was in Moongale's pocket. He was about to kill them but were saved by the Custodian Joe.

In order to prove Moongale's conspiracy, Waters and Flower stole the Koalmanac from the Zookepedia. Using the creature Joe would be able to create a exact clone of Moongale, however the problem laid in extracting the information from the clone. Waters suggested they change the clone into a benevolent version of its donor, creating Carlisle Junior.

Unfortunately, the Publicist managed to track them down, killing Joe. The heroes were captured, and brought to Moongale where he forced them to watch him triumph in establishing the Moongale Spacelines Fleet. However just as the first cruiser left the port, it exploded killing the passengers. Taking a chance Junior transmitted a confession of his crimes and negligence to the entire galaxy. His confession bankrupted Moongale and alerted the police of his actions. Unwilling to be captured Moongale activated his robot butler, P.H.I.L.I.P to explode.

Waters managed to recover first from the explosion and chased Moongale atop Moongale Industries. He had Moongale at gunpoint, but the business man stated he didn't have it in him to pull the trigger. The Koalamanc miraculously appeared to bite Carlisle's leg, causing him to fall into the spinning blades of his copter.

Henry was recruited by newly promoted Commander Flower as a Special Consultant to the Doors Special Crimes Task Force.

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