The hellhounds are a species of alien creature originating from the planet Kantor Boralis.

Biology[edit | edit source]


The Hellhound can be described as a Lupine/Reptilia hybrid, the creature has features that resemble earthly canines and felines, despite all this it does not have even a trace of earthly DNA in it making it entirely alien. Their scaley armored hides are normally a slate-grey skin tone but because of contain chromatophores they become red when they enter a heightened emotional state.


The creatures are carnivorous and predatory, using their teeth and claws as weapons, they have a claw on the backs of their leg/paws that allow them to slide down near vertical surfaces with some control. They hunt by smell, and sight, having an eyeshine that allows them to see in the dark.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Hellhounds can be incredibly aggressive, they ruthlessly hunt their prey, if they believe they can reach their prey they will even attempt to bite through solid stone to get to them. It is highly recommended that you don't make eye contact with them, and that if you gain their attention to play deaf and dumb.

History & Domestication[edit | edit source]

The hellhounds originate from Kantor Boralis, a world noted for the ferocity of its native fauna. The fact that they are at all trainable is because they were bred by a few small dedicated families that had settled on the world, the hellhounds are bred for speed and strength in "The Pit".

The families on Kanto Boralis had made more than a decent business of training and exporting these creatures, the Slam Security Network had taken to adapting these creatures for security purposes in penal facilities. The Crematoria Slam Facility made particularly good use of them, they were used to control the population and hunt down errant criminals, the guards used Maulsticks to control the beasts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The hellhound was the subject of one of the most noteworthy pieces of merchandise for The Chronicles of Riddick, being paired with Riddick himself for a two pack action figure pack.
  • Originally the Hellhound that Riddick befriended (named Thrash or #5) was supposed to die after attacking and killing Toombs. Both Toombs and the Hellhound were saved though when the scene was replaced.
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