Heliocor was an interstellar corporation operating in the Colonial Congress and later the Trilateral Congress. It serves as the main antagonist in the Planetoid Praxis Comic Series.

History Edit

Generations ago, Heliocor operated a mining operation on the planet Primus Polaris, stripping the world of all ore to its core. The operation used various aliens as slaves which tyrannically managed by the robotic Rovers. After the Ono Mao Republic annexed the planet, Heliocor abandoned its operation and their slave populace.

Twenty years after the Ono Mao brokered peace with the Colonial Congress and formed the Tricon, Heliocor was granted permission to re-establish control of the solar system.

While the planet had a long been depleted of minerals and possess an atrocious history, Helicor intended to exploit the world by turning it into a piece of real estate and a center of tourism.

However due to various legal issues, the indigenous peoples was granted certain rights that prevented Heliocor from fully exploiting the planet. Thus they began to seduce several members of the Community of the Slab enticing them with offworld goods such as fresh food and weapons. Through these contacts they gained knowledge of the events of the planet and the Community's leadership.

When the leadership at the Community found about this after seeing Neo Villa, they approached Heliocor's representative. The representative explained the legal concerns of the world, and offered to expedite the process so that the inhabitants claim of territory would be recognized.

However Onica suspicious of the representative and her lack of understanding of the agreement made her reject the offer, seeing it as a tool to forcibly relocate the Community. The representative eerily warned her of the consequences stating that without legal sanction from Heliocor, that her people would not be protected.

No sooner did Onica Verona refused the terms of Helicor's agreement, a group of bandits armed with weapons from Heliocor attacked the Community on the Slab.

Later Helicor exacted a charge on solar usage of the sun, as they bought, determined to crush the opposition of the native settlers. To institute this new policy, they initiated a solar umbrella blocking all light over the Slab.

Source Edit

  • Planetoid Praxis 002 (2017)
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