Hectors, also known as Hector Walking Arms, are a type of large robotic beings that the Ravagers deployed onto Earth alongside their many mutated insects. They are the replacements to the previous Daroga quadruped.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hectors are very tall, human-like robots, standing hundreds of feet tall. They are built with long legs and arms, their arms equipped with various forms of machinery depending on the task they're about to undertake (mostly different weapons), along with a hatch on top of their heads which is again a form of weaponry.

Two variants: red, and blue, are known to have been deployed onto Earth, with blue variants being stronger and having their own type of weapons compared to red variants.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Red Hectors[edit | edit source]

  • Particle Gatling Gun - the Hector's medium-range weaponry resembling that of a huge rifle-like weapon. This weapon shoots fire bolts in a ragged spread. This weapon has been upgraded in 2025 to be a more focused cone attack for better accuracy.
  • Spark Launcher - This is its shortest-ranged weapon, an emitter that releases red explosives down along the battlefield.
  • Plasma Cannon - its long range attack, and argued to be its most dangerous weapon, it is a cylinder resembling a lance that it can aim at with deadly accuracy. It is a charged-up attack, and upon release can devastate an entire army.

Blue Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Solid Particle Gatling Gun - Compared to the original, this form is a true Gatling gun with rotating barrels and faster firing speed.
  • Power Launcher - A upgraded version of the Spark Launcher with a petal-like opening. In a way though, this is a more predictable weapon than the original.
  • Particle Stream Gun - Drastically different from the Plasma Cannon, this weapon resemble a sideways-facing manta ray. It functions more similarly to a rocket launcher with direct-fire weaponry.
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