Porphy, a Hearthian sap wine maker on Timber Hearth.

General Information
Homeworld Timber Hearth
Habitat Redwoods
Body Type Humanoid
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior highly curious
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Outer Wilds

The Hearthians are a species of amphibious, human-like creatures that originate from the planet known as Timber Hearth, and the main race of aliens encountered within the game "Outer Wilds".

Physical AnatomyEdit

A standard Hearthian is fairly humanoid in statue: standing at about the same height - presumably - as a normal Human being. Hearthians are described as being amphibious, and have weaker blue skin similar to that of a frog or toad, along with two sets of eyes with the top pair notably larger than the lower pair. Their ears are long and pointed outwards rather than upwards. Their hands only have three fingers compared to the five fingers on a human, though they are much larger in comparison.

Clothing in Hearthian races are very similar to Human clothing, mostly resembling a countryside style and/or logger style.


The Hearthians are described as "poorly preservative" and "highly curious" at the same time: having a deep desire and high curiosity over space and the galaxy beyond their home planet, and around their solar system, while at the same time not taking much account over environmental preservation in order to achieve such goals: a Hearthian will gladly destroy entire redwood forests to further expand their space-faring projects.


The exact level of technological advancements of the Hearthian is a bit counter-intuitive, as most if not all of their advancements are focused primarily on space exploration. Early generations of Hearthians were inspired by Timber Hearth's geysers, which are so powerful that they can launch objects into orbit. Other technology include artificial gravity equipment, warping technology, and devices to read ancient Nomai text.

Outside of space exploration though, the technology of Hearthians are more akin to basics: using axes to cut down trees, living in wood houses, with the highest advancements in this regard going to making telescopes to look out into space.

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