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Haydonites, also known as the Children of the Shadow to the Invid, are a species of technologically advanced sapients indigenous to the planet Haydon IV who were responsible for the destruction of the Invid's original homeworld's surface due to reasons unclear.

Their physical appearance is not well understood, as they keep themselves wrapped in robes that mask their appearance from others, although it is not known whether this masking is intentional or not. The only known identifying feature is a singular, spherical robotic eye which glows beneath their outfits. This eye is not always the same and may be a unique feature between individuals or could represent ranks of seniority. Once disrobed, a Haydonite is seen to possess a floating body (possibly indicating gas-bag evolution), and they lack both obvious limbs; instead they seem to only be a head and chest region. Upon being inflicted with injury, green fluid leaks from the wounds, although whether or not this is blood or instead is some form of mechanical fluid or protoculture is not known.

Originally represented by Sarna, Veidt, and Vowad, these Haydonites originally appeared as robed beings with featureless, hairless faces, but two small eyeslits. They appeared to have a jewel-like object embedded in their brow. This was seen, on occasion to emit a thin light beam that was capable of activating devices or opening doors. It may have also doubled as an offensive weapon. It is possible that Haydonites may take on different appearances due to the apparent artificial nature of their bodies. It is not known if the former or latter is their standard form. Veidt, at least, has been seen in both forms.

Notable HaydonitesEdit


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