Harvest Whale

The Harvest Whales were a species of non-sapient marine mammals that where native to the human colonized planet of Harvest.

Physical Appearance Edit

Harvest Whales seemed to have a striking resemblance to that of an eel, like the ones from Earth, but obviously much larger. On top of this, Harvest Whales where grey in color, and had a large mouth covered in sharp, slightly pointed, teeth to help it eat its food, however, it is unknown if the Whales used their teeth to attack other animals in the oceans of Harvest.

History Edit

Harvest Whales where, as their name suggests, native to the planet Harvest, co-existing with much of the other native wildlife on the planet for many years before the human's colonization of the planet. Despite the presence of the humans, the Harvest Whales, as a species, where mostly unharmed by these new arrivals, however, they would soon suffer a great fate a few years after the human's colonization of Harvest. This fate would come in the arrival of alien empire known as The Covenant, who planned to provoke the humans into war, which they did, resulting in a massive battle ensuring on the planet, which would later spark the beginning of the Human-Covenant War. Despite the human's best efforts, the Covenant would rise up victorious and began to orbitally bombard, or glass, the planet from space. When this glassing was finished, Harvest was almost completely destroyed, with the exception of a few locations on the planet, it has been assumed that due to more the half of Harvest's oceans being evaporated during the Covenant's glassing of Harvest, that the Harvest Whales were driven to extinction, as they were never seen on the planet afterwords.

Appearances Edit

  • Halo Wars (cut)
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