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Harrians are humanoids from the planet Igbao in the Harraio Galaxy with white skin with green markings in their neck and they also have white hair. Their civilization is a monarchy with Amon Labao as ruler.


The Harrian civilization is known to possess advance technology and is known to be capable of travelling outside their galaxy. Harrians have visited Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Their scientists are at least involved in the study of genetic engineering, hologram, and artificial intelligence. It has been demonstrated that they have technology to alter the genetic make up of humans and their own to acquire abilities that are perceived by humans to be "superpowers". Harraian scientist, Aggadon has taken advantage of this technology to give humans superhuman abilities against Lastikman. The center of their civilization and likely homeworld is presumed to be the planet of Igbao, It is unknown if they have colonies in other planets within their galaxy but it is presumed that they due given their known technological capabilities.

Half Human/Half Harrian[]

One example of half harrian/half human is the superhero Lastikman, aka Miguel (Earthling name), Eskappar (Harrian name). A Half Human/Half Harrain looks like a human but they have the ability to distort and strecth their body.

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