The Harmonious Free are a species from the planet Homeworld.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Harmonious Free are a humanoid species with two genders. They are tall pale green beings with telepathic abilities.

Background[edit | edit source]

For years various races have somehow become stranded on Homeworld. To accommodate these refugees and castaways a sector designed for the extraterrestrials was set up designed as Grey Sector. A groups of humans from Earth became stranded on their world after they killed a God-Star that was about to devour their world. They succeeded only to pop out in another part of the universe through the use of the slain God-Star's wormhole network where a second God-Star was heading towards Homeworld. The humans attempted to warn the Harmonious Free of the approaching God-Star but the Harmonious Free thinking they warnings to be insane delusions merely quarantined them in Grey Sector.

However one of the humans, Kym was able to open his mind to an Elite named Possible Onset of Autumn who detached himself from the gestalt and saw the truth. The Harmonious Free now aware of the danger began to panic as the God-Star began to descend on their world. The humans and the alien refugees attempted to mount a attack on the God-Star however failed. They did however managed to cobble a message to space but were unsure that it was received. Kym had another idea which involved the Harmonious Free re-tuning their psychic powers using him as agalactic translator to reflect the God-Star's dirge back at it driving it away into thinking another God-Star was in the area.

The fleeing God-Star was then attacked Congruence who sent a fleet to destroy the God-Star. The Congruence initiated first contact with the Harmonious Free, but the greeting was unusual as multiple alien species already existed on Homeworld. The Congruence then assisted the refugees and returned them to their proper worlds. The Harmonious Free now open to the greater universe decided to send two of their ETC officers, Resting Bitch Face and Compelling Male Musk Odour were sent to Earth on a cultural exchange programme, in order to help the Harmonious Free learn more about other species.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Harmonious Free are a peaceful advance species enjoying liberal views. They are a caste society, linked and governed by the psychic Elite. Technologically they are highly sophisticated, but have no starships, orbital craft, astronomy or deep-range scanners.The Harmonious Free on a cultural level have no interest in other worlds or species. While not xenophobes, they prefer aliens to be contained in order to retain their psychic harmony. For other sentients they recognize them as beings however are more or less embarrassed by them and find a need to care for them. Concepts of both religion and marriage, were unknown to them and most found them repellent. The only union practiced by the Harmonious Free is the psionic group union of coadunated harmonious freedom. All minds in one. The union of two people is perverted.

Religion is a barbaric custom to them, as they view the promulgating awe and devotion for some all powerful entity to be ludicrous.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Another Day on the Job by Abnett and Harrison (2015)

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