The Hanshaks are an ancient race of toroidal mind-bodies. They are deeply in tune with life and nature, and can communicate telepathically with other sentient life. The Hanshaks are few, but they are renowned for their wisdom and intuition.

After an early technological surge, they dismantled their cities and returned their world to its natural state, developing a culture devoted to enlightenment and living symbiotically with nature. They have managed to retain a knowledge of technology in their druidic society.

Starting NarrativeEdit

You are the High Shaman, the Eldest of the Hanshaks. You have existed in your current cycle for nine thousand orbits of your world around its sun. Your life force has gone through more cycles than any other Hanshak's.
Your species has nurtured its world, and the time has come to commune with the life of other worlds. The Hanshaks must discover a way to reach other planets and encounter the vast diversity that exists in the cosmos.

Special AbilityEdit

Telepathic Diplomats: The Hanshaks are telepathic communicators. You can talk to all other races from the start of the game.

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