Experiment 033: Hammerface (also known Hammerhead) is a blue-gray dinosaur experiment with a hammer-shaped nose. He is designed to pound loose nails around Dr. Jumba's house but he occasionally pounds living things as per the signature feature of all of Dr. Jumba's experiments.


The first digit of the experiment numbers reflect what series of experiment they belong to. According to Jess Winfield, one of the executive producers, Hammerface belongs to the 0-series: Jumba's test batch, including many household helpers.

History and SocietyEdit

Hammerface, along with 627 other genetic experiments that appear in the Lilo and Stitch where created by Doctor Jumba Jookiba. He was bought, named and trained by Commander Gantu and reduced into an army of a hundred by Dupe. He was rescued by Lilo and her team in episode "Snafu". Experiment 033 was finally named by Pleakley in "The Asteroid" because of the unique shape of his head.

Hammerface used to cause destruction by hitting and pounding the object around him but with the help of Lilo and her rescue team, he has successfully integrated himself into society the same way the other experiements have. He currently resides in Hawaii, helping its citizens with home repairs, doing and enjoying the place where he truly belongs.


What separates Hammerface from all of Dr. Jumba's genetic experiments is the unique shape of his head which is similar to the form of the head of a hammer. This alien uses his head in order to pound objects. Other than that, he looks very similar to all the other experiments. He is bipedal and uses his two other appendiges as hands. His legs are thicker than the usual expriments and he has a tail which he uses as a third leg. These features are probably there to help keep him steady because of the weight of his head. He has claws all over his appendiges and very sharp teeth. It can be assumed that he is carnivorous just like most of Dr. Jumba's experiments.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Given the shape of his head, it is obvious that his abilities lie in the arena of construction or destruction by pounding. Destruction by pounding living things and helping around Jumba's household was his original function but it has changed over time. In fact, when he was saved by Lilo's rescue team, he was conditioned to use his abilities in order to help the citizens of Hawaii.


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