The Hamalki are an arachnoid species native to Hamal IV. A Hamalki is a meter tall and has twelve legs attached to a rounded central abdomen. The chitinous body is mostly transparent, and polished to mirror smoothness, except for needle-fine spines on top of the abdomen. The abdomen has a slender ridge on top of that contains twelve eyes, giving the Hamalki 360-degree vision. Hamalki, who already have longer than normal lifespans, are able to transfer their memories into new hatchlings before death, allowing them to pursue projects over several lifetimes. In 2275, the Hamalki scientist K't'lk created the inversion drive, which was field tested by the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. K't'lk had been working on the drive, utilizing her species' "creative physics," for four lifetimes.

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