Biography Information
Homeworld Anteverse
Species Kaiju
Sapience Non-Sapient
Gender Unknown
Body Type Crocodilian-like
Height 52.49m
Length 53.55m
Weight 1867 tons
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pacific Rim
Hakuja is a Category IV Kaiju that appears in the 2018 film, Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Appearance Edit

Most of what Hakuja looks like is unknown however it is described as resembling a hybrid between a praying mantis and an alligator with crustacean like armor. The inside of its mouth glows blue.

Powers Edit

It can burrow underground similar to a mole.

History Edit

Hakuja, along with Raijin and Shrikethorn were let in to our world by an unknown individual in the year 2035 and all three Kaiju then attacked the city of MegaTokyo

Notes Edit

  • Its name means "White Snake" in Japanese.
  • Its movements were inspired by those from honey badgers and crocodiles
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