"Hairy Dwarves" are a species of short, humanoid mammalian cryptids reported to be of extraterrestrial origin. Nowadays, they're regarded as a very rare UFO-case category that has been largely dismissed with the arrival of the more familiar "Grey" aliens. Cases like these actually follow a trend of older UFO encounters taking fanciful takes on alien life, with the "Hairy Dwarves" being an example of the more wild designs people envisioned alien visitors as having.


According to witnesses, the Hairy Dwarves are a humanoid species, bipedal and (as implied) hairy. They're reported to be extremely strong and resilient, but also frenzy if provoked, to the point of violence.

One of the most famous encounters with these creatures happened in a Venezuelan road in the morning of November 28, 1954. Truck drivers Gustavo Gonzales and José Ponce saw a glowing spherical spaceship land on the road ahead and related an encounter with the aliens, which were described as approximately a meter in height, with stiff hair and claws.

Despite being light enough to be lifted easily, the men found that the Dwarves were also phenomenally strong for their size, able to toss them aside with ease and scratch viciously. They also claimed that the aliens' skin was impervious to blades, preventing them from defending themselves with their knives.

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