Habitat modifiers
General Information
Homeworld Same as host species
Habitat Varies
Height Usually only a centemeter or so, but forms wide mats
Diet Nutrients in nearby soil/air/water
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Language None
Subspecies/Races Varies
Behind the Scenes
Universe Various

Habitat modifiers are various Fungi, Mould, Flora, or Biofilm growths spread by aliens as a means of Terraforming. Often they convert atmosphere, soil, and water into substances beneficial to the invading species, while making them hostile to indigenous life forms. Often, they also provide invaders with a ready foodstuff. In extremely rare cases, they can infect native organisms and subvert their biology to match the invaders, often adding a mind-controlling parasite or tumor.

Expect someone to touch it, and examine closely the residue on their hand.

Species that spread habitat modifiersEdit

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