The Gurlanins are a polymorphic race of beings native to the planet Qiilura. Their normal shape resembles a large, canine predator, but the average Qiiluran has the ability to assume a wide range of other forms, including that of a human. In addition to their shapeshifting abilities, Qiilurans are also strongly telepathic, and can communicate without speech. This trait makes them appear as if they were Force-sensitive when encountered by a Jedi Knight, who can literally see the telepathy in the Force. However, the Qiilurans are otherwise disconnected from the Force, and can disappear at will. Because of their unique physiology, Qiilurans can also appear invisible to other forms of detection, including infrared and thermal sensors, making them almost perfect hunters, spies, and assassins. Qiilurans are generally considered to be marsupials, and the females have a pouch on their stomachs in which they carry their young.

Although the Qiilurans had no love for the Old Republic, they agreed to assist the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars, after the Separatists established a base of control on Qiilura. Throughout their history, the Qiilurans had been feared or abused by the human settlers of Qiilura, and they viewed the Separatists as the worst of the lot. Their assistance to the Republic's forces was given with the singular goal of removing the settlers and the Separatists, thereby freeing the Qiilurans and giving them the opportunity to return to their normal way of life. However, the leaders of the Republic ignored the situation on Qiilura, and the Qiilurans were forced to continue to endure the presence of the settlers on their homeworld. This prompted the Qiilurans to force the Republic to honor the deal. Qiiluran spies began turning up at all levels of the Old Republic government, including several operatives on Coruscant itself.

It was learned that Qiiluran spies had provided the Confederacy of Independent Systems with information on the deployment of the fleet transport Core Conveyor, which was later destroyed during an unscheduled maintenance stop. The loss of all hands aboard the ship prompted the Republic into action, dispatching elements of the 35th Infantry to extradite the human colonists to Kebolar. The use of lethal force was approved, in order to ensure the safety of other military and government personnel. When the last human colonist was removed from Qiilura, the Qiilurans held up their end of the bargain, removing their spies and returning to their homeworld.

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