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Gundalians are sapient reptilianoid extraterrestrials from the planet Gundalia. Formerly lead by Emperor Barodius, they were at war with the Neathians and are coming to Earth through Bakugan Interspace in order to conquer it. After Barodius' defeat, the government is currently controlled by Prime Minister Nurzak.


Eventually the war between Gundalia and Neathia ends as Barodius and Dharak are sent into the dark, reverse dimension of Bakugan Interspace and Nurzak becomes the prime minister of Gundalia after forming a peace alliance with former Queen of Neathia, Serena Sheen, sister of the current queen of Neathia, Fabia Sheen, with the brawlers and some Gundalian allies they manage to make. Little did they know that Barodius and Dharak mutated into Mag Mel and Razenoid.


  • Some of the Minor members of the Twelve Orders have yellow snake like eyes, so does Ren's Bakugan, Linehalt.
  • So far, Kazarina is the only Gundalian with blue-toned skin, while the others have a grey skin tone. She is also the only one who has the ability to hypnotize people, even other Gundalians.
  • So far, Boulderon and Infinity Trister are the only Gundalian Bakugan who are shown to be defensive, which contrasts that Gundalia has the offensive type Bakugan.
  • They seem to spend more time in their Gundalian forms rather than their Human ones whereas Neathians spend more time in their Human forms