Alien Species

The Gulphog is a carnivorous creature native to Aurelia.


The Gulphog is an Aurelian carnivore that vaguely resembles an Earth ostrich, which eat Mudpods. Gulphogs are 4.5 metres tall and weigh 500 kilograms, making them the largest predators on Aurelia. Gulphogs possess a sophisticated social and hierarchical structure with a dominant male surrounded by multiple females and their young with maybe a few younger males allowed to stay with the pack. They have an early warning system for the solar flares that erupt from Aurelia's sun in the form of a third eye on top of the head, giving the Gulphogs enough time to take cover behind the Stingerfans. The parent Gulphogs educate their young and protect them with great care. They use their long teeth to pick up vibrations made by the Mudpod's felling the Stingerfans to make dams. Their only known predator is the Hysteria. There is a possibility due to their social nature and ability to nurture the clan's young, the Gulphog might evolve into a sapient species.