The Gubbage Cones are a species of carnivorous fungoids which look like man-sized mushrooms. They have been encountered by the First Doctor, Vicki, Ian and Barbara while exploring the jungles of Mechanus, in the vicinity of the Mechonoid cities. They are sensitive to bright lights, which cause them to recoil.


The Gubbage Cones are actually a sapient species, and used to be the rulers of the dominant empire of the galaxy about 59,000 BC. The Gubbage Cone Empire apparently encompassed several races, including the silicon-based Excalbians, the Feathered People of Velopssi, the Lamp People of Badafex, an android race from Exo III, Ogrons and Ice Warriors. They also had Mire Beasts fighting in pits.


  • Doctor Who season 2 - "The Chase" (1965)
  • Doctor Who Missing Adventures novels - The Crystal Bucephalus, by Craig Hinton (1994)


  • They are never named onscreen, being referred as simply "fungoids". The name "Gubbage Cones" comes from the shooting script and was later reused in the expanded universe.
  • In their sole canonical appearance ("The Chase") there is nothing to indicate the Gubbage Cones are sapient, much less the remains of what was once a glorious empire; that information comes from Craig Hinton's novel The Crystal Bucephalus.
  • Two member races of the Gubbage Cone Empire: the Excalbians and the androids of Exo III, originally come from Star Trek. However, the planet Exo III had been previously mentioned in the Doctor Who New Adventures novel White Darkness. Additionally, in both franchises the planet is known to have a connection with the Great Old Ones from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
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