The Guardians are a race of five powerful elementals from the planet Augria in Endless Legends.


Long before the Endless ruled the stars, the Guardians were the protectors of Augria. Each one representing the five fundamental elements in the universe. However when the Endless discovered Augria and the unique lifeforms present on the planet, they sealed the Guardians with their advanced arcane sciences.

Millennia later, these ancient giants, extensions of Auriga herself, have broken free from the chains with which the Endless imprisoned them.

When Auriga began experiencing an Ice Age the Guardians were mostly likely one of many races that went extinct.


The Earth Guardian, senses all that moves in or across the planet. When engaged in battle, the ancient giant inflicts impressive zone damage to enemy units by causing earthquakes. If the need arises, he is also able to repair cities’ fortifications. 


The Water Guardian, listens to the echoes of the present and the past. While roaming your enemies’ land he can destroy watchtowers and extractors. In battle, Neros can use his Tsunami charge to deal damage relative to his distance from the target. 


The Fire Guardian, is linked to the primeval force of fire. He is able to cast a powerful light that drastically extends vision range. In combat, Fotios uses his flames to inflict fire damage over time on his enemies. 


The Air Guardian, tracks the winds and scents of Auriga. Despite his size, the giant can teleport inside vision range, covering large distances in the blink of an eye. Atmos is also a fearful opponent as he gets stronger with each and every kill. 


The Dust Guardian, is attuned to Auriga's magical currents. He has the ability to fully heal an entire allied army, and can use mind control spells to manipulate enemy units during battle. 

Notes Edit

  • It has never been explained as to why there is a Dust Guardian, as Dust was supposedly an artificial creation invented by the Endless, thus it could be suggested that Skoros was an artificial Guardian that was inadvertently created when Dust merged with the world of Auriga.
  • Another theory to the origin of Dust is that Skroros is the source where the Endless harvested it from.
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