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The Gua are an alien species from that has infiltrated Earth's institutions of power (government, corporate, media, etc) and are preparing the planet for a full-scale invasion.


In their past, the Gua were a peaceful species until they were invaded by another alien race. The Gua people worked together to fight off their oppressors and they took the name Gua which means the power to overcome. However, the invasion of their homeworld left a heavy toll on their homeworld and their once peaceful nature. The Gua believed that they needed to become strong in order to survive and began the process of invading other planets. The species discovered the planet Earth and infiltrated the world planning an invasion through three waves. The first infiltrators paved the way and allowed the Gua to send their minds through wormholes into genetically engineered Human replica bodies. These bodies only possessed a miniscule amount of Gua DNA making them stronger then Humans and their bodies disintegrated when slain. The Gua were capable of switching their minds into new bodies should one be damaged. Their biology has some noted problems one of which is that the species can easily become addicted to salt and Human emotion.

The alien known as Nostradamus became aware of the Gua's future plans at least 400 years before the 20th century. Thus, he wrote the Book of Nostradamus in 1564 with the intention of preparing a select human to fight this alien invasion by predicting the Gua's actions. His writings indicated their various plots and he stated that the Gua would attack with three devastating waves. The First Wave consisted of infiltrators that disguised themselves as humans and placed themselves throughout human society in order to weaken it for the coming invasion. The Second Wave was to be a full scale invasion from space itself and the final Third Wave being armageddon itself where humanity would be destroyed along with the Earth being subjugated.[1] It was projected that on the first day of the Gua's invasion that 19 million humans would die.[2]

Their time on Earth led the Gua in conducting a large scale experimental program on the mental will of mankind in the face of cruel adversity. Taking hundreds of subjects and observing their activities, the Gua intended to learn more about the capacity of humans to oppose their oncoming invasion which was conducted at 19 Haven. Their studies had concluded that there were 117 archetypes amongst humanity and thus they selected a human to fit each archetype. One of the individuals within the program was Subject 117 also known as Cade Foster who was concluded to match an 8% warrior mode. He became aware of the Gua plot through contact with other members of the project. Thus, the Gua moved in to suppress him and killed his wife Hannah Foster, replaced her with a Gua husk look-alike and framed him for the murder. He was judged to be insane and sent to the Wilsonville Psychiatric Hospital. There, the Gua attempted to continue to study him and concluded that their mental breakage of him only emboldened him further against their cause. Gua scientists determined that the human will had the capacity to occasional surprise their expectations. He later escaped and conducted a campaign to stop the Gua through the use of the prophecies of Nostradamus as his guide. Foster's final warrior probability reading went up to 98% that greatly surprised the Gua who intended to know what made him different.[2]

Following this event, the Gua sent one of their best operatives and leaders called Joshua who had his consciousness transferred into an orb at Earth. However, the laboratory where it was located was infiltrated by a human called Dean who hid it within a container. Dean was killed by a Gua infiltrator though the orb was not discovered with Cade Foster uncovering it. Foster later saved Eddie Nambulous's life from the same infiltrator though both him and his new ally were unsure as to what the orb really was. Whilst they were able to damage a Gua cloning laboratory, they lost the orb to the aliens who used it to give Joshua a body.[1]


Gua were able to manifest elements of their true form whilst within their Human husks. These bodies made them appear human to outsiders though contained enhanced abilities such as superior strength to the point that they were able to snap necks with ease or lift a human by the throat. Furthermore, they possessed healing capabilities allowing them to quickly repair any injuries to their bodies. The loss of a human limb had no effect on a Gua who did not show pain and instead continued to function though at reduced efficiency. When angered, a reddish ripple erupted from their bodies highlighting their alien nature. When killed, their bodies underwent a self-annihilation process where they sporadically dissolved. This also applied to severed limbs.[3] On one occasion, a female Gua had tentacles erupt from her shoulders and ensnare a human as well as choke him unconscious. Shortly afterwards, the tentacles retreated in her body leaving no sign of their presence on her body. These were only accomplished by generous helpings of Gua DNA.[2]

Their minds were highly powerful even when trapped within an orb. In one case, a Gua caused an energy spike within his orb and when a human grabbed it - the strength of the surge caused the human to fall in a near catatonic shock-like state as well as led to the human briefly mentally connecting to the trapped Gua mind.[1]


Female members of the species disguised as humans were not above using sex and seduction in order to infiltrate locations as well as lull their targets into a false sense of complacency. To their own kind, they showed remarkable levels of loyalty and even love. However, in the insight of Cade Foster, it was believed that the Gua were ultimately ruthless and that there was nothing they would not do.[1]

The Guahead was the ruler of the Gua species and commands their invasion forces. Dividing their people into three classes namely the warrior Acolytes and the scientific Osmosists and Empiricists. Despite this, rebellious elements exist within the Gua command structure some seeking power while others wishing to stop the endless violent conflict.

A Gua known as Mabus was a powerful and supreme authority among the Gua with a potent mind which was so powerful that it constantly needed to move from one host body to another to contact it.


They were highly advanced in the biological fields and were able to grow genetic duplicates of humans that were able to hold the consciousness of a Gua. These bodies were largely human but contained various proportions of Gua DNA thus giving them their true natural abilities that were above mankinds capabilities.[2] This stemmed from their knowledge of cloning which allowed them to create their human disguises with special labs being used for the process. They were quite able to create clone husks of deceased humans in order to use their bodies as disguises.[1]

Gua were known to make use of psychotropic drugs to induce hallucinations in order to destroy the emotional center of the human psyche and mentally break the subject.[2]

The Gua were advanced enough to transfer their consciousness from one human husk to another by use of an orb based construct that could be held within the palm of a human hand. These receptacles of their intellect glowed at times and emitted radio frequencies that were off the scale to an RF detector. The energy source was strong enough to cause primitive 20th century human technology to short out during analysis. Furthermore, these objects had a dense electromagnetic field with an electrical discharges taking the form of alpha rhythms which mimicked those produced by the human mind. By use of the orbs, a memory essence was downloaded in complex machinery from one husk to another if any were damaged.[1]


  • Mabus


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