Grungarian Brawler
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Locomotion Three of the four subtypes walk in a bipedal fashion, though one of the four subtypes walks in hexopodal fashion
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Overly violent
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank Universe

"I have deactivated three Planetary Defense Centers in this sector, plunging each location chaos! Ooh splendid, Grungarian Marauders have alreadly begun attacking! I wonder who could have called them? (Captain Quark: Was it me?) It was me, you dolt!"
―Zurgo to Captain Quark, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Grungarians are an aggressive nomadic race of violent marauders that terrorize vulnerable worlds in the Polaris Galaxy.


The Grungarian species is split up into four subtypes, all of which share very little in common with one another. What traits they share in common is the species isn't evolved enough to breath in oxygen compared with other sapient species in the Polaris Galaxy, though the Grungoid subtype appears to breath in normal air perfectly fine. Also, all four Grungarian subtypes share several traits in common with aquatic life, suggesting their homeworld is oceanic. Otherwise, the Grungarian subtypes are very different between each other. Why the Grungarians have such a variation is unknown, perhaps is a sort of caste system, various stages of metamorphic transformation or simply four different species originating from the same planet and simply being referred to as Grungarians as a whole, much like the G'nunk of the Starflight series.

The first subtype is the Grungoid, which is small six-legged creature with a large jaw and a single large eye. Grungoids are either blue, purple pink or a greenish blue. Unlike the other subtypes, it appears to breath oxygen normally like most of the other sapient species of the Polaris Galaxy.

The second subtype is the brawler subtype, which resembles a bipedal purple squid with 5 to 7 eyes covering its tall head in an asymmetrical fashion, allowing it a wide girth of sight. Besides the numerous eyes, the brawler subtype also has squid like beak. The brawler subtype also has two squid like tentacle arms covered in retractable spikes, which they use to attack foes.

The third subtype is soldier subtype, which resembles a bipedal brown walrus/sabertooth.

The fourth subtype is demolitionist subtype, which resembles a blue bipedal creature with a head that has a slight appearance to that of some sort of fish with a notable underbite.


Grungarians society is incredibly violent and warlike, in part because Grungarians are known to pillage worlds for goods. Because they are ever in search of new worlds to target, the species is also therefore nomadic.

Grungarians are known to stay fit by boxing one another or doing push ups to be in fit physical condition.


The Grungarians were particularly violent and nomadic species within the Polaris Galaxy. Luckily for most of Polaris Galaxy, most Planetary Defense Centers could prevent them posing any serious threat toward planets.

However the Grungarians were involved in the recent invasion of three separate planets, Markazia, Ebaro and Proteus VII, all located in same sector following a cyber attack by Stuart Zurgo which shut their Planetary Defense Centers down in a mad plot to get Captain Qwark for failing to be a real hero whom he once idolized. The Q-Force managed to defeat the Grungarians on all worlds and reactivate the Planetary Defense Centers. However had fooled them all, as reactivating them would now allow him to hack into Galactic Weather Grid, which former galactic president Captain Qwark had installed into the Planetary Defense Centers so the weather would always be nice when he visited. The Q-Force manage to destroy the Planetary Defense Center on Ebaro to put an end to the violent snow storms plaguing the normally tropical world of Ebaro. The Q-Force then found Zurgo's Lair of Doom, which was hidden beneath the ruins of an abandoned Ebarian temple. The Q-Force fought off the Grungarians and engaged a vengeful Zurgo inside a mech resembling Captain Qwark. After the Q-Force defeat Zurgo, the Grungarian threat was over.

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