General Information
Other Names Tangean Grounder
Homeworld Tangea
Body Type Humanoid
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Buzz Lightyear

Tangean Grounders are a race that lives on the surface of the planet Tangea in a separate society from the Tangeans.


Grounders and Tangeans once inhabit the lands over the world of Tangea. Over time, the Grounders learns that the Tangeans went to extreme length to avoid them because their powers will cancel each other out. Millions of years later, the Grounders are consider low class citizens of Tangea and the Tangeans will knowledge to out worlders they are too stupid to learn. But, Grounders are actually a little smarter than appear and quickly learn to space travel.


The Grounders are somewhat nomadic group and prefer wearing western biker gang clothing, they often like the simple life of being free roam the planet and shown to be rowdy among themselves as a sign of respect to each other. Both males and females are equally powerful when practicing their powers on a daily active basis. During the space age, Grounders will be often hired by off worlders because they are easy to work with and will not argue when getting payment from any benefactors that catch their attentions. Surprisingly, they are accepting towards others who give them things (like Angstrom the Tangean) to their group. All of the Grounders will always travel on their Hovercycles (similar to Motorcycles of biker gangs). The biggest or well skilled Grounder are leaders of their own group, always own separated in groups of two to cover more ground and often seen to close bonds amongst their own.

Induvial members of their race like Romak can help exceled kind to become better if given the proper education and understanding during universal travels. Grounders can gain higher intelligence during a very young age and a few of them learners even picking up of fluent form of speech. Smart Grounders find insulting the way their talk stereotypical a bit of offensive enough mental blast anyone to establish themselves to not mock them.


Grounders are consider inferior due to crude simple crude of communications, which is rare for alien races to actually known what a Grounder is saying. But, its bit a advantage because the enemies of other worlds to known what they are really up to at times.

Phrases of a Grounder.

  • Blueblood and Bluebloods means "Royalty" and "Royalties".
  • Flow Bow means "Not Working" or "Faulty"
  • Boom Boom means "Blast It", "Fire", "Shoot It" and anything that involved blowing up something.
  • Boom Boom slowly means "Shiny" or something they want to take like jewelries or currency.
  • Booomers means "Idiots", "Stupid" and "Hot Headed".
  • Wee Boo Wee boo means "Let me explain"


The Grounders have the ability to project mental blasts. However, their abilities are negated when they are within proximity of a Tangeans; likewise the Tangeans powers are negated. Like a Tangean, they can Mind Link towards each other when given guidance like Romak.

If Grounder is well trained like Romak, they can exceled themselves to be unpredictable fighters, laser shooting experts, excellent shooter with their Mental Blasting abilities and focusing their strength to overpower opponents in single combat. Grounders can emit mental energy shockwave to take out robotic machineries despite making them exhausted to use another mental attack.


  • The Grounders cultures is similar to western American culture of motor bikers, country folks and 60s greaser gangs.
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