General Information
Homeworld Xela
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Journey of Allen Strange Universe

The Gronpolies are a species of semi-sapient root plants indigenous to Xela.

Physiology Edit

The Gronpolies are root plants similar to a beet with faces. They possess three root tips on their head. They are quite quick and mobile creatures. Ravenous creatures they able to devour most organic and inorganic objects. They are actually two animals joined as one. Grons are distinguished by their green root tips on their head while the Polies have orange tipped roots. When brought together they merge into one creature with red, orange and green tips. They keep all that they devoured within them until they laugh as it loosens their digestive system.

Culture Edit

They are considered animals but the Gronpolies possess space travel technology however they are not good navigators relying on chance for their small spherical ships to roll around space and land on a destination at random.

Source Edit

  • The Journey of Allen Strange: Season 1 Ep 4 Gronpoly
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