Alien Species

The Gro'tye are an incredibly powerful species native to LV-742.


The Gro'Tye is an extremely large creature, larger than a full-grown Yautja and far more powerful in terms of brute strength. It can even survive a prolonged assault by fully armed group of Yautja, as well as seemingly be able to detect them despite their cloaking devices. It is assumed predatory because its dwellings are filled with the skeletons of other animals. It can rear up on two legs to attack or survey its surroundings, but it is primarily quadrupedal.

Cultural significance[]

The legend of the Gro'Tye chronicles the plight of countless Yautja clans who, over the ages, have met their death in fierce bloodsport. It recounts how entire clans were annihilated by a single Gro'Tye, and how a pack of Gro'Tye slaughtered even the strongest of clans.


Two clans of Yautja were granted "exclusive hunting rights" to the planet LV-742, and both as a test by the council to determine the superior clan. The two clans first came to blows during one of the clan's hunt for the Gro'Tye. The winning clan not only managed to defeat their rivals, but defeat three of the fearsome beasts.


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