General Information
Homeworld Earth 2 (G889)
Habitat Various
Body Type Reptillian
Height Roughly halfHuman height
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Scavenger
Behind the Scenes
Universe Earth 2 Universe

The Grendlers are a race native to G889.

Biology Edit

The Grendlers are a race of reptilian hunchbacks, about two-thirds the size of a full grown human. Their saliva is a cure for virtually any disease. They are compact and extremely strong, able to lift ten times their own weight.

Culture Edit

The Grendlers are a semi-intelligent race of scavengers and traders that wander the surface of Gaia using a series of natural instant transport networks. Solitary and nomadic, Grendlers are acquisitive, conniving and self-serving. They will trade anything -- information, objects or their own loyalty -- for advantage. Though the human colonists view them as thieves, the Grenders do have some redeeming traits, when given a task they will always keep their promises.

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