General Information
Homeworld Aldebaran-4
Habitat Sea
Length 16 meters[1]
Weight 15 tons[1]
Locomotion Swimming
Diet Piscivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Aldebaran
Created by Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira

The Gregoria is an aquatic creature native to the seas of Aldebaran-4.

Biology Edit

A snake-like creature with the lower body of a kite. Its skin resembles that of a zebra or an orca. Gregorias measure 16 meters in length and weigh around 15 tonnes[1].

Behavior Edit

The Gregorias usually swim through the water in a flock of a thousand.

Every ten years the adult Gregorias flocks converge to a point in the oceans of Aldebaran where the Aldebaran Mantris consumes them as sustenance.

Appearances Edit

  • Aldebaran #3 - La Photo (1996)



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