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The Greek Gods were a powerful humanoid species, possessing a number of psychokinetic abilities, originating from the planet Pollux IV of the Beta Geminorum system, of the Alpha Quadrant. They once visited the Mediterranean region of Earth around 2700 BC, where they posed as gods to the inhabitants of the time.


Despite their incredible abilities, Greek Gods are simple humanoid organisms externally identical to Humans, with an extra organ in their chest. This is likely to tap an energy field which exists on the planet, and direct it with their will. This gives them a variety of powers and abilities.

According to Apollo, Greek Gods are immortal, and do not die. Instead, they "Spread themselves upon the wings of the wind, thinner, and thinner, until only the wind remained". He explains this not death as humans know it, but they do reach a point of no physical return. Apparently they can do this at will.


Apollos temple

The Temple of Apollo

The Greek Gods lived on Pollux IV in the Beta Geminorum system. About 5,000 years ago, a group of explorers landed on Earth near Greece, on Mount Olympus. Because of their abilities, the people of the region thought they were gods and worshipped them. Eventually, however, the humans outgrew the need of such gods and quit worshipping them. The Gods were unable to survive without the love and respect, so they left Earth and returned to Pollux IV. They found it an empty place without worshippers, but since they lacked the strength to leave, they waited. Eventually all but Apollo lost hope, and the others decided to end their physical existence. Apollo claims this is not death in the way Humans know it.

Destroyed temple

Apollo's temple, shortly before destruction

In 2267 the crew of the USS Enterprise traveled to Pollux IV and encountered the God Apollo, the last of the species. He congratulated his "beloved children", for venturing into deep space, the reason for, he believed, to reconnect with the gods and worship them once more. After displaying his powers and commanding them to worship them, he became attracted to Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas and took her to be his queen so he could have thousands of children. When Palamas rejected him, he "spread himself upon the winds" and joins the other Gods. Since this, the species is now extinct, at least in the physical realm.

Powers and Abilities[]

Apollos hand

Apollo's hand-like force field grabs the Enterprise

The crew of the Enterprise detected a strange radiated power with no clear source. This later appears to be coming from Apollo's Temple, a large structure resembling a Greek temple containing a throne. When Apollo rests on this, it "charges" the organ in his chest with energy. He can direct this energy with his mind with incredible consequences. However, when he runs out, he must recharge.

Apollo lightning

Apollo fires a lightning bolt at the Enterprise

Apollo Giant

Apollo demonstrating his ability to grow in size

The Abilities of Apollo include:

  • Generating a powerful force field of conventional composition but on unusual wavelengths that defied most attempts to break free (When used on the Enterprise, this resembled a large, translucent human hand)
  • Altering his own form or that of other objects in the vicinity (Example: Making himself larger or smaller or turning the Starfleet uniforms into ancient Greek clothing)
  • Throw lightning-like energy bolts from his fingers
  • Alter the weather (at least locally)
  • Transport himself and/or others from place to place
  • Greatly extended senses, (being able to sense what was going on on the bridge of the starship in orbit, while on the surface of his world and even project his image and voice into its equipment for conversation)
  • Interfere with Federation technology (like fusing Phasers)
  • According to Apollo, he could kill a man with a gesture and bring him back just as easily ( though this was never demonstrated)


Apollo was often arrogant and expected humans to worship him, and was heart-broken when they did not. This is probably due to his nature of being worshipped, and it is likely the other gods were similar.

Pollux IV[]

Pollux IV
Pollux surface

The Surface of Pollux IV

Their homeworld was the fourth planet in the Beta Geminorum system. It is an Earth-like Class M planet with a lush landscape and is considered rather ordinary. The Greek Gods called their planet "Olympus" in the past. It has a breathable atmosphere and plant life similar to Earth. It is about four billion years old.

In the 24th century it has become a tourist destination, with advertisements describing visits to its ancient ruins.

Known Greek Gods[]

Below is a list of the Greek Gods known to have visited Earth, but there may be more:

  • Aphrodite
  • Apollo
  • Artemis
  • Asclepius
  • Athena
  • Atlas
  • Hephaestus
  • Hera
  • Hermes
  • Pan
  • Zeus