Great Terrafin
Beast v2
General Information
Other Names "Beast"
Homeworld Cretacea
Habitat Underwater
Length 20 - 22 meters (est.)
Skin Colors White
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient (?)
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Beast of Cretacea

The Great Terrafin is a colossal sea creature reported by numerous Human fisherman on the planet Cretacea - a planet almost completely covered in water. It is considered the biggest target for many fisherman, but none were successful.


The Great Terrafin is a gigantic creature of mythological proportions. Its body resembles that of Earth rays, though its body is reported to be completely white. It has many features matching the elusive Manta Ray.


Many fisherman who had encounters with the Great Terrafin describe it as having higher intelligence than normal Terrafins, and also seemingly very aggressive as it was responsible for numerous wrecks of many fishing vessels in its territory.


  • Its behavior and appearance hold an eerie resemblance to Moby Dick: a white Sperm Whale with a reputation of sinking whaling ships.
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