Great Beings

The Great Beings were a group of enigmatic scientist-kings that once ruled the planet Spherus Magna. They are regarded as beings of great power to the agori and even the matoran.

History Edit

Over 265,000 years ago a group belong to the Glatorian species. Numbering at least twenty and composed from the various tribes on the planet, the group encountered Annona an eldritch creature from beyond the stars. The entity fed on the dreams and attempted to use her abilities on the upstart group and drive them mad. The minds of the Glatorian were too different, and in turn drew on Annona's power gaining limitless imagination and creativity.

These Glatorian them used their knowledge to create inventions and creations that astounded the Agori, who then installed them as their rulers. The Glatorian became the rulers of Spherus Magna and soon adopted the title as Great Beings. Though after millennia of ruling the planet they began to tire of rulership they delegate their responsibilities to to seven Glatorian that later became known as the Element Lords gifting each of them the ability to manifest as an element.

100,000 years passed an a substance was discovered by the Ice Tribe that had the ability to transmutate any object. The Element Lords realizing the potential of the substance to rival their creator, sought to possess it. A global war known as the Core War broke out between the tribes. The Great Beings attempted to intervene through diplomacy but their pleas for peace fell to deaf ears. Upon experimenting with the substance that would be called Energized Protodermis, they realized that the substance was causing a collapse of the planet's structure and any tampering would result in the shattering of the planet.

After several attempts to end the war, using creations of war to eliminate the warriors of the tribe, the Great Beings turned to their final hope. The creation of a gigantic robot millions of feet high. It was constructed using improved plans on a previous creation though enhanced with nanotechnology in the form of semi-sentient robotic creations known as the Matorn. The robot christened Mata Nui would contain its own universe with millions of their robotic creations that would be carried through space to maintain the machinery within. Mata Nui was given the task to explore the universe and observe other cultures and learn a way to prevent further war in the future. Once its task was done, the robot would return to the planet, which would be shattered at that point, in order to repair the damage. It along with a secondary robot that wold be created during the first robot's absence would reform Spherus Magna and restore order.

After the Shattering occurred, the Great Beings retreated to parts unknown though a few remain active.

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