Grazlaa (the plural of Grazlax) is an alien race from the planet Grazlaxicon III of the Korbol Galaxy.They are small diminutive snappy creatures that have eaten through everything on every planet they've visited and almost nothin can stop them. Grazlaa can munch through wood, metal and even stone. They are brilliant trackers and if they can scent of something nothing can stop them from finding it.

If Grazlaa get into contact with 50-60c heat, they can multiply. They only way to stop a Grazlax is with a very high pitched noise which causes it to explode in a shower of orange blood.

Sometime in 2012, the Nekross send a Grazlax to Earth to pursue their wizard enemy Tom Clarke. When Tom and his Unenchanted friend Benny Sherwood tried to fight it with a hairdryer it caused it to mutiply. Luckily the two were able to defeat the Grazlaa by playing a violin that caused them to explode.


Grazlaa are small creatures that have blue fur with no limbs. They have red eyes, sharp teeth, small horns on their heads, and orange blood.

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