At the beginning of the series, Graveheart is a simple miner working for Lord Mantel. However, when discovering Tekla and being ambushed by Beast Drones on Planet Ice during routine exporting, Graveheart realizes he must step into the leader seat and bring the worlds together to stop a common enemy. He is a very noble, brave man, though he often suffers from lack of self-confidence, deeming himself as "just a miner and nothing more." When put into battle, he immediately takes charge and commands his orders gracefully. Those around him respect him to the fullest. Formerly a Quarrior (a portmanteau of warrior and quarry, he quit Planet Rock's military when he failed to save his younger brother, Mica, during a raid on Planet Fire. He often has his doubts about himself, but Jade is always there to reassure him of his abilities. Graveheart was exiled from Planet Rock when he formed the Alliance, leaving himself and Jade as the only two citizens of Rock in the group. Notably, he wears a black version of the standard Miner's armor. What this means is never revealed, but he calls the Miners "his men". He also called "sir" by the other miners, implying he is of a higher rank, most likely a miner foreman. He is voiced by Paul Dobson.

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