The Grand Doomer is a giant Sphere Doomer fought by Kirby in Nutty Noon.


The Grand Doomer was a giant Sphere Doomer. It has a flaming orange color, many tail feathers, and unlike any other member of the Doomer species, has red eyes. It looks a lot like a phoenix. While most Sphere Doomers eat regular Energy Spheres, the Grand Doomer ate the mast of the Lor Starcutter.

The Grand Doomer is a strong foe, able to unleash many fireballs at their opponents. Some fireballs fly straight, others home at their opponents. Sometimes it drops large fireballs that explode. The Grand Doomer can swoop towards its opponents, physically ramming them. It can also disappear through a portal, and cause four portals, three of which are fake, to appear in the background. The fakes will disappear one-by-one until at last the Grand Doomer comes barreling out of the real one.


Kirby fighting the Grand Doomer

When low on health, it can surround itself in stone. It will bounce around in the background before attempting to crush its opponent from above. It will also cause several enemies to spawn out of portals. This can include a Super Blade Knight. Only the Ultra Sword can damage it while in this form. When its shield is destroyed, it will try to restore it. It can be stopped with several more strikes of the Ultra Sword.


  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land (First appearance)


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