The grampite was a creature native to Zorovia millions of years ago.

Biology Edit

A specimen of the species was said to be about eight feet long from head to toe, and covered with a soft, mouse-colored fur.  Its head was shaped like that of a gorilla, but it’s ears were set high and were pointed like those of a fox. The nose was nothing more than a pair offlat, broad nostrils, set almost on a level with the eyes, and the mouth at the apex of the projecting muzzle resembled the mouth of a leech, being merely a round, puckered hole, whose sucker lips were furnished with tiny, razor-sharp protuberances. The arms were fully as long as the body, and formed the framework for the membranous wings, the web of which stretched to the center of the back above and the rear of the legs below, ending just above the heels. The trunk and lower limbs were shaped much like those of a man, the feet being most manlike in form, except that the five toes on each foot were armed with strong, up-curling claws.

Behavior Edit

The grampites are known to maintain submarine gardens in lakes. The hardiest mariners tell of these gardens and the horrible creatures who guard the delectable underwater fruit these lakes contain. They make their homes in the summits of mountains where they gather and store their prey and harvests.

Appearance Edit

  • Prince of Peril by Otis Adelbert Kline (1929)
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