Alien Species

Grabbers are a species of hematophagous creatures first observed in the coasts of Ireland in 2012.


They resemble a mass of tentacles with a circular maw and an extremely quick projectable tongue like that of a chameleon, but far more deadly, and strong enough to lift a human target off the ground.

Oddly for a non-mammalian species, the males are much larger and seem to consume victims entirely, leaving only the head. Females in contrast are about the size of a large octopus and feed directly on blood. The short-tentacled offspring are born from eggs and can instantly move around and hunt for themselves. They too are blood-suckers.

Originally aquatic creatures, Grabbers are capable of surviving on land during rainy nights, when they move out of water in search for food. They cannot tolerate alcohol, and will avoid attacking those with large quantities of it in their blood. Consuming blood with high amounts of alcohol can even kill an adult Grabber.


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