The Govorom evolved on a barren desert planet. In order to survive, they learned to preserve and nurture the scant resources of their world. They do not have an organized society; they live apart from each other, each being a caretaker of a small region of the planet. The regions they care for are ever-changing and are not agreed upon but handled purely by intuition — each Govorom knows instinctively where its region lies.

Their powers grew over time until much of their planet teemed with life. Given an already-hospitable planet, they are able to transform it into a paradise.

Starting NarrativeEdit

Our people, the Govorom, sense the wonderful truth - that the galaxy teems with life in a beautiful, endless variety of forms.
The Govorom must reach the stars. There are misguided species, life forms out of balance, that pose a threat to other life. The youngest generation of Govorom is far larger than any previous generation. Most of these young Govorom pine for the other worlds where, they feel in the core of their being, their duty of protection lies.

Special AbilityEdit

Planet Nurturers: The Govorom are nature-goddesses. You can turn your least populated colony into a rich world.

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