Alien Species

The Gotals were a race of humanoids possessed a limited, innate ability to sense the Force. The average Gotal had grey fur, and two cone-like horns on top of their heads. These horns were actually nerve-filled receptors that could detect the presence of infrared, radio, light, and electromagnetic emissions. These cones also had the ability to sense the presence of the Force, which was perceived as a vague buzzing.The abilities of these cones to sense various forms of emissions helped make up for the fact that most Gotal lacked good senses of sight and hearing, and had virtually no sense of smell.

The Gotal race was native to the moon called Antar 4, and had an instinctual distrust of droids, because the droids' energy emissions fouled up their sensitive horns. The Gotal came to rely on their cones for a great many things and, as a consequence, they had a hard time interpreting the emotions of other races. This problem was rumored to have led to the Duinuogwuin-Gotal conflict.

The one emotion most Gotal were sure of was love, and falling in love at first sight was a common occurrence among prospective mates. When two Gotals mated, they did so for life, and began raising a family as soon as possible.

As a race, the Gotal were known as hunters, and had little or no political affiliations. They had one of the few societies which existed in a peaceful anarchy. The Gotal resisted entry into the Old Republic, but had absolutely no desire to join the Empire in the wake of the Clone Wars.