Alien Species
Gorryl Slug.jpg
Gorryl Slug
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Average Height Large
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Gorryl Slugs, also known as Protoplasmic Slugs, are a species of large, arboreal pulmonatanoid fauna indigenous to Kashyyyk. They spend their time hanging from "tree" branches, waiting to fall upon prey below. Wrapping its body around the prey, a slug will smother its victim while exuding digestive juices, dissolving its prey to absorb nutrients. It is not only surely lethal to be attacked and slowly eaten by this creature, but it is also an extremely slow and painful demise.

Most of the creature's deadliness comes from the fact that it is nearly impossible to remove from its prey once it had attached itself. They can grow to many times the length of a Wookiee. The slugs, usually brown in color, are excellently camouflaged against the Wroshyr Trees on which they lived.