Kharaa gorge render
General Information
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Sapience level Semi-Sapient
Behavior Passive-Aggresive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Natural Selection Universe

The Gorge is a bulbous and passive-aggressive subspecies of Kharaa. It can become playable during a match after using ten resource cost points. They're more commonly found nearby Kharaa Hives.


Gorges are very stocky creatures, and have very little attack power compared to other Kharaa. They have a carapace on their back for extra protection. Although having protection, they do not have a strong attack power, and instead offer support to other Kharaa from afar with ranged attacks or with healing. Its appearance resembles that of Earth's odd-toed ungulates.


  • Bile Bomb - by building up bile within them, they're able to spit out a devastating bile projectile at their enemies. These attacks are more damaging to structures however.
  • Healing Breath - This is the most notable ability of the Gorge. While its breath is only mildly toxic to humans, it is a major healing component to other Kharaa and a building tool for structures created by the Gorge.
  • Building - The most structural and architectural Kharaa, Gorges are capable of building and creating numerous bio-materialist structures. Many of these are either stationary weapons or defense mechenisms:
    • Clog - a object to block paths and doorways.
    • Hydra - a type of plant that can shoot spikes at enemies.
    • Web - strings of mucus to incapacitate enemies.
    • Gorge Tunnels - passageways specialized for Gorges.
    • Babbler Egg - used by Gorges as living shields or nuisances against enemies.
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