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A monster of unthinkable power and incredible danger, Gorea is the being responsible for the extinction of the Alimbic race. It was then destroyed by Samus Aran many years afterward.


"The horror shrieked its name: GOREA."

Alimbic Datashade, GOREA 1

At a point in time when the Alimbic empire in the Tetra Galaxy reached the peak of its power, a disaster occurred that would eventually send the Alimbics to their doom. A meteor crashed onto their homeworld of Alinos, which is possibly the reason why the planet has become geologically unstable. A strange crimson mist billowed forth from the meteor, devouring all life in its path like a plague of locusts. Then the mist took the form of various native creatures, including the Alimbics themselves, using their natural abilities as well as absorbed weapons. In several months time, the empire had been broken. The last of the Alimbic elders came together to form the Alimbic Order, in order to carry out a last ditch attempt to stop the beast they called Gorea. They crafted the Seal Sphere and trapped the monster within it. The sphere was locked away on a prison called the Oubliette and sealed in another dimension with the space-rending Alimbic Cannon. The eight elders, with the last of their strength, sealed themselves within eight artifacts called Octoliths, which held the key to Gorea's prison called the Seal Sphere. Gorea's form he first appeared in, resembles a gigantic Alimbic.


Gorea could only be defeated if you blast his arms with a certain weapon Samus obtained in the Tetra Galaxy. Gorea could regenerate his arms if you take too long to hit him. After you destroy both arms each having a health bar, a new health bar appears and Gorea goes upsidedown and uses the Seal Sphere to attack you by throwing you across the room or throwing explosives at you in order to defeat him you need to blast the Seal Sphere with the weapon you used to destroy the arm before he is trying to attack you with the Seal Sphere. Gorea grows back his arms and in order to defeat him you destroy his arms and repeat the process again until you blast the Seal Sphere one last time and you see two cutscenes. One is where the Oubliette explodes and kills everyone on it where when the credits end you see a question mark showing that you have not defeated Gorea after you go to the Oubliette you fight Gorea again and you see the triangles with the color of the weapons Samus gained in the game (you blast them in a certain weapon in a certain order) and then you defeat Gorea like you did before. The second cutscene is revealed and the triangles transport Gorea and Samus to another room in the Oubliette where Gorea appears with no arms and legs but with a torso and the Seal Sphere in his chest. This is Gorea's second form where he is still trying to gain power with the Seal Sphere and cannot be killed with any of the weapons Samus has in her power suit. He appears pale and has dots on the bottom of his torso which is a flat appendage and acts as a second health bar (when all the dots are black Gorea is dead) but in order to defeat him you need a more powerful weapon. A gunship transmission says that there is radiation on the lower floor and you must go their to see a weapon in an artifact shield. The shield drops and you grab the weapon. The weapon is called the Omega Cannon (a powerful weapon called an "abomination" to the Aliblics since it harms who ever uses it if they are desperate enough to use it). NOTE: The weapon only does damage to Samus if she is in front of an object. Then fire the Omega Cannon at Gorea. Gorea gains the power to teleport in his second form and you must keep hitting him with the Omega Cannon until he dies and you win the game.


         Gorea has two forms and both are weak to certain weapon(s)


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)