The Goozers are a sapient species of glob-like creatures. In spite of their strange appearance, they're a friendly race.


Goozers are short, semi-transparent, seemingly amorphous creatures with no limbs, but appear to have a number of pseudopods to walk upon. They have toothless mouths, two pairs of eyes and a pair of antennae.

Coloration is highly variable among this species, including various shades of green, orange, brown or purple. Like many species, they can be male or female. They seem to require the same environmental conditions as earthlings.


When the Goozer's homeworld was invaded by the Catapoids, they sent a message to space hero Duck Dodgers requesting his assistance. Upon arrival, however, Dodgers mistook the Goozers themselves for the invaders (finding their appearance hideous) and promptly attacked the natives with his freezing ray.


  • Duck Dodgers, s01e01, "Big Bug Mamas" (2003)
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